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Carpet Storage and Cleaning

Events Carpet and Flooring Storage Program for client’s carpet

  • Carpet/Pad is inventoried and stored in our Georgia warehouse.
  • Carpet / Pad is measured and inspected.
  • Client is provided with a manifest of the carpet /pad received and condition of materials.
  • Clients are given the option of having EC&F refurbish their carpet. This includes repairing of all cuts and holes. Carpet can also be seamed to any size to meet client’s needs for future use.
  • Client have the option of having their carpet cleaned with our in-house state of the art cleaning equipment.
  • Client is notified of the condition of carpet after cleaning has been completed.
  • Carpet is inventoried and stored in carpet racks until client needs carpet shipped.
  • Carpet can be cut to any size, wrapped and shipped to any location.
  • If at any time the client decides the carpet is of no use, EC&F can recycle carpet.
  • This is an effective way to cut costs and have the assurance that your carpet will be in the hands of professionals that specialize in carpet for the industry.

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