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Carpet currently makes up between 3% and 5% of the waste in the landfill and it remains there for a very long time! When you recycle your old carpet, you are playing an important role in diverting the carpet from the landfill.

Not only are you doing a good thing for the environment, but when you request that your old carpet be brought to EC&F, you will save money too. Our prices are lower than disposing of your unwanted carpet at a refuse facility.

A high percentage of the used carpet that we collect actually feeds a "cradle to cradle" process where it is processed to become new carpet all over again. This sustainable process is a win for the consumer and a win for manufacturers.

Recycling exhibit carpet saves money, avoids growing the garbage in the landfill, and reduces the need for virgin oil in the carpet manufacturing process.


There are many different types of carpet that are made from a variety of materials. In order to create the highest quality products from your old carpet, it must be kept clean and dry and then aggregated with carpet of the same type.

The first stage is the collection of the carpet. You may bring it to warehouse, or we can arrange to have it picked up at you facility.

When it comes to our warehouse it is inspected to ensure that it meets the criteria for recycling.
In many cases, it goes through a chemical process to make brand new carpet. This is a sustainable cradle-to-cradle process that may be repeated indefinitely.

Sometimes carpet is downcycled into other related products like fiber underlay pad that goes under carpet.
Some of the other things the post consumer carpet may become are plastic parts for cars, reusable hay for sediment control on construction sites, sewage pipes, or concrete reinforcement.

Carpet could be transported more than 40,000 miles by truck (1.6 times around the globe) before losing the environmental benefit of recycling.  When there is no viable recycling market for a particular type of carpet, it still can be diverted from the landfill by using it as a substitute for coal (30% higher BTUs than coal) in industrial boilers.  Combusting scrap carpet in place of coal reduces GHG emissions by 3,800 pounds eCO2 versus coal.


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